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Al Davis

Al Davis

community services director

Tucker Heights is the newest affordable housing subdivision, built by the North Auburn Housing Development Corporation (NAHDC) utilizing CDBG Funds granted to the Community Based Development Organization (CDBO) from the City’s annual allocation. The process of developing this seven-home subdivision started several years ago with the acquisition of the land in 2018. Planning, design, and surveying of the property and the creation of the residential lots began in 2019. Construction of the first home in the Tucker Heights Subdivision began in the fall of 2020. NAHDC expects to have the first home sold in February 2021.

Homes are built as qualified buyers are identified and funds are made available—either through recycled program income from the sale of a home in the subdivision or through NAHDC’s annual allocation of CDBG Funds. Sometimes, this process may seem burdensomely slow, but many factors such as HUD regulations regarding the construction process as well as controlled overhead and inputs from the builder in addition to the fiduciary responsibility to build in a cost-conscious manner and availability of funds make this project different from conventional subdivisions in and around Auburn. In order to effectively distribute the average of about $600,000 the City receives from HUD as an entitlement city, approximately $137,000 is allocated for the affordable housing program. These funds are being used by the NAHDC to develop property and build affordable housing in Auburn.

If you are interested in affordable housing in the Tucker Heights neighborhood, please contact the Community Services Department at 334.501.7280 or

Tucker Heights Site Plan

Photos of the subdivision