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Anne Randle

Anne Randle

Urban Forestry Specialist



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The Tree Commission serves as an advisory board to the City by:

  • Overseeing the protection of trees on public property
  • Planning to increase the urban tree inventory
  • Promoting the planting of new trees throughout the city by seedling giveaways and other programs
  • Gathering, compiling and distributing information to educate the public on the economic and aesthetic benefits of trees
  • Promoting the Tree Trust in order to maximize the benefits of these funds.

The Tree Commission provides free trees in celebration of Arbor Day and at the City's annual Christmas Parade. Learn about the trees from the 2022 Arbor Day giveaway.

The Tree Commission also selects the City of Auburn Outstanding Tree Award annually. Read about the current winner.

Plant a tree for Auburn's future. Donate to the Tree Trust today!